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    The Vosem Series

    July 10, 2015 by Russkiist

    The Vosem Series. (After Russian for eight).

    Let’s begin with 8, with is called Vosem in this series. 8 is obviously not the largest number, but let’s start with it.

    Let’s take 8↑8↑8↑8↑8↑8↑8↑8.

    Let’s call the result 1-Vosem.

    And now, let’s take 1-Vosem and do the exact same thing.


    Let’s call the result 2-Vosem.

    You can see where I’m going. 3-Vosem = 2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem.

    And so on. You can see the pattern.

    We will stop at 8-Vosem. At 8-Vosem, let’s do something different. I’ll call 8-Vosem a “Vosemi…

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