The Vosem Series. (After Russian for eight).

Let’s begin with 8, with is called Vosem in this series. 8 is obviously not the largest number, but let’s start with it.

Let’s take 8↑8↑8↑8↑8↑8↑8↑8.

Let’s call the result 1-Vosem.

And now, let’s take 1-Vosem and do the exact same thing.


Let’s call the result 2-Vosem.

You can see where I’m going. 3-Vosem = 2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem2-Vosem.

And so on. You can see the pattern.

We will stop at 8-Vosem. At 8-Vosem, let’s do something different. I’ll call 8-Vosem a “Vosemillion”.

Let’s do this. A Vosemillion...Vosemillion (with a Vosemillion s) = a 2-Vosemillion.

And a 2-Vosemillion...2-Vosemillion (with 2-Vosemillion s) = a 3-Vosemillion.

Let’s stop at Vosemillion-Vosemillion, which is a number. I’ll call this Vosemillionillion.

A Vosemillionillion-Vosemillion is a Vosemillionillionillion.

A Vosemillionillionillion... (with a Vosemillion -illions)-Vosemillion is a Vosemax.

A Vosemax...Vosemax (with a Vosemaxs) = 2-Vosemax, and so on.

A Vosemax-Vosemax is a Vosemaxax.

A Vosemaxax-Vosemax is a Vosemaxaxax.

A Vosemaxaxax... (with Vosemax -axes)-Vosemax is a Vosemard.

The pattern continues, from Vosemillion to Vosemax to Vosemard. And a Vosemardardardardard...

We’ll stop the small, puny numbers here.

The next entry will be the Grand Vosem, with the pattern continuing as before.

Grand Vosem = Vosemardardardardard... (with Vosemard -ards)-Vosemard. The Grand Vosem will be our base units for high numbers.

And a Grand Vosem-Grand Vosem is a Grand Grand Vosem.

And a Grand Grand Grand (with a Grand Vosem Grands)-Grand Grand Grand (with a Grand Vosem Grands) = a 2-Grand Vosem.

And a 2-Grand 2-Grand 2-Grand (with a 2-Grand Vosem 2-Grands)- 2-Grand 2-Grand 2-Grand (with a 2-Grand Vosem 2-Grands) = a 3-Grand Vosem, and so on. 4-Grand Vosem, 5-Grand Vosem, etc.

A Grand Vosem-Grand Vosem = a Great Vosem.

And a Great Vosem-Great Vosem = a Great Grand Vosem.

And a Great Grand Vosem-Great Grand Vosem = A Grand Vosemax.

Then a Great Vosemax and a Great Grand Vosemax, and a Grand Vosemard, a Great Vosemard, and a Great Grand Vosemard.

A Great Grand Vosemardardardardard... (with a Great Grand Vosemard -ards)-Great Grand Vosemardardardardard... (with a Great Grand Vosemard -ards) = a Celestial Vosem.

A Celestial Vosem-Celestial Vosem = Grand Celestial Vosem. And from here, it acts just like the Grand Vosem as per above. Just insert Celestial in front of all of the Vosems.

Forexample: a Grand Vosem-Grand Vosem is a Grand Grand Vosem, so a Grand Celestial Vosem-Grand Celestial  Vosem is a Grand Grand Celestial Vosem.

And so on. A Great Grand Celestial Vosemardardardardard... (with a Great Grand Celestial Vosemard -ards)-Great Grand Celestial Vosemardardardardard... (with a Great Grand Celestial Vosemard -ards) = a Celestial Celestial Vosemard.

Continue this pattern, and a Celestial Celestial Celestial... (with a Celestial Vosemard Celestials) = a Universal Vosemard.

And just like before, a Universal Universal Universal... (with a Universal Vosemard Universals) = an Ogromnivosem. (This is a new unit, ogromni meaning great/immense in Russian)

An Ogromnivosem Ogromnivosem Ogromnivosem... (with an Ogromnivosem Ogromnivosems) = an Ogromniogromnivosem.

And an Ogromniogromniogromni... (with an ogromniogramni... (with an ogromnivosem layers, each containing an ogromnivosem ogromnivosems each) = The Intensivivosem (intense vosem).

And an Intensiviintensiviintensivi... (with an intensiviintensivi... (with an intensivivosem layers, each containing an intensivivosem intensivivosems each) = The Nolvosem (the zero vosem.)

Then the odinvosem, the dvavosem, the trivosem, the chetyrevosem, the pyatvosem, the shestvosem, the semvosem, and the vosemvosem, each in order of the Russian numbers from 1 to 8.

The Vosemvosem can be treated just like a regular vosem, and so you can have the 1-Vosemvosem (instead of using 8 in the formula, use the vosemvosem), the Vosemvosemillion, the Vosemvosemax, the Great Grand Vosemvosem, the Ogromnivosemvosem, and the semvosemvosem and the vosemvosemvosem.

The Vosemvosemvosemvosemvosemvosemvosemvosem (8 vosems) is called the Vosem Vosemennified.

The Vosem Vosemennefied Vosemennefied is 64 vosems (8^2).

The Vosem Vosemennefied Vosemennefied Vosemennefied Vosemennefied Vosemennefied Vosemennefied Vosemennefied Vosemennefied (8 vosemennefieds) is the Bolshoi Vosem (Big Vosem).

The Bolshoi Vosem Vosemennefied Vosemennefied Vosemennefied... (with Bolshoi Vosem Vosemennefieds) is the Extremal Vosem.

The Extremal Vosem Vosemennefied Extremal Vosem times is the Final Vosem. Nothing is beyond the Final Vosem.

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