Hi everyone !  I'm new here and I'm from a very small country ( Island ) very far from the US. My aim is to create a very fast-growing function in simple term, as simple as possible, which a high-school student will easily understand. I don't like the introduction of complex and new operators. I do believe that one can reach very " big " ordinals in a simple way. I will weekly contribute to googology and gradually everyone will understand as simply as possible the greatness, simplicity and joy of creating the Supexor, a function which I created and which does not introduce new and complex operators. My aim is to make the life of all googologists and friends on this Great Site as simple as possible. My intention is not to be better or to go further than others, but to introduce simplicity and efficiency in Googology. I do believe that more and more people in the world will become googologists. No need for a phd or a master degree in maths ! I will start by posting the first few chapters of my books. The first book is " From 0 to Infinity, Cardinals and Ordinals ". The 2-nd book is " From 0 to Infinty, The Construction of the Super-Fast Function, the Supersor."  Beauty is not creating the fastest functions and largest numbers but creating a simple function with sufficiently large outputs which a high-school student can easily understand.   

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