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    Step 1: G (G↑) G = A1

    Step 2: A1 (A1↑) A1 = A2

    Continue through until step G

    Step G: A(G-1) (A(G-1↑)) A(G-1) = "GG Twist"

    Where G = Googolplexian

    "GG Twist" is an abreviation for Graham's Googolplexian, but with a slight twist. 

    The twist is a deviation from Graham's method by changing the base and the power to the result of the previous step, otherwise the method used is the same as that used by Ron Graham in Graham's Number, and the significant number is a Googolplexian.

    The number is computable and the method is fairly simple to follow, and given that the method is basically Ron Graham's, and we use a Googolplexian instead of 3, and we follow a Googolplexian of steps instead of just 64, all of which were used to produce Graham's number, I expe…

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