This is similar to Aarex Tiaokhiao's Nested Factorial Notation.

n!_{a}=\prod_{k=0}^{ceil(n/a)-1}(n-ka) (The uppercase pi here refers to the product of the sequence. Note that this is a multifactorial, not a nested factorial yet. Can also be written as n followed by a exclamation points under the rules of Multifactorials; n!2 is the same as n!!)

n!_{a}^{b}=(n!_{a}^{b-1})!_{a}; n!_{a}^{0}=n (And here we have the nested factorial part; n!2 is the same as (n!)!.)

n!_{a}^{b}[z]=\text{int}\left(n!_{a}^{b}\,\times\frac{n!_{a}^{b}}{\left | n-z \right |!_{a}^{b}}  \right ) (Just one more quick rule.)

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