Welcome to Rayo's Attempt The Sequel!

I need to define a few things first though(I don't know how to do subscript, I will use [n] instead to replace subscript]

Start from Rayo[1] which is just Rayo's function 1 time

Rayo[n]^x(Y) is Rayo[n] iterated x times to y

Rayo[n+1]^ assumes Rayo[n+1] is Rayo[n] iterated Rayo(10^100) times

So now I will start

Let's set Rayo[googolplex](10^100) equal to JASON(best thing I could come up with)

Rayo[JASON](10^100) is equal to POLLUTION (This number is LARGE, as it is supposed to represent the evil of pollution to 🌏 when it was tricking the public into developing it to destroy earth and be dependent on it)

Rayo[POLLUTION](10^100) is equal to DISPOSAL AND RENEWAL (The number representing how much good we could do for Earth if we disposed of everything properly and used only renewable energy sources)

Rayo[DISPOSAL AND RENEWAL](10^100) is equal to PEACE, PREVENTION AND PROTECTION (This represents how much society could improve in total if everything preventable was prevented]

Rayo[PEACE, PREVENTION AND PROTECTION](10^100) is equal to EFFORT (The potential amount of good that can be done by humanity if people just start putting in effort and stopped forcing other people to stop putting in effort)

Rayo[EFFORT](10^100) is equal to CHOICE (The true good done by individual's choices and society's choices as a whole)

Rayo[CHOICE](10^100) is equal to WILLPOWER (The true difference the choices of individuals and society as a whole can make if we all put our mind to it)

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