• Superraptor1234


    July 2, 2017 by Superraptor1234

    So I'm pretty new here, and to googology as a whole, but I'm just trying to get the hang of the ropes, while trying to avoid salad number type stuff. My goal is to come up with something of my own that is provably valid and then (hopefully) be able to prove where that falls into the current hierarchy (I'm not a mathematician by any means, I lean towards statistics more than anything, so a lot of this is most definitely guesswork (apologies in advance).

    Anyway, I have a word document I'm working on formatting for this page, so that others can critique it so I can better learn how to write mathematical proofs, that sort of thing. (Below I've included it as a gallery, with links to high-res imgur versions of those same photos). Please please p…

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