First off, my last post on the ❦ function initially was unclear. So, let me explain in more detail. The first thing is that I have to clear up a few concepts that most people subconsciencely know, but to fully understand it is the way I can explain this. So Tetration is the 4th hyperoperator. But, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is slightly different.

1st hyperoperator: Addition

2nd hyperoperator: Multiplication

3rd: Exponentiation

4th: tetration

pentation, hexation, etc. etc.

So I introduce a technical concept, "x"-ation, "y"-ation, (any variable)-ation, really.

if x=3, then it = x^2, or tritation, or exponentiation, if x=4, then (x)=x^x, or tetration, etc. etc.

Secondly, I propose a new method for mathematical functions. After a while, mathematicians, such as myself, ( if I should really call myself I dont know...), have been having difficulty finding new symbols for functions. Man, even the function I was planning the name of to put into this blog post was originally either the curly loop function (which it is,) or the "dotted circle" function! For Unicode standards, we are legitimately running out of decent miscellaneous symbols. When we do run out, it will be a major problem for finding and creating functions. After enough detailed studying on Unicode, I believe I have found the solution. The solution is "the new ancient greek symbols", the Yi syllables in Unicode. Not only does it have over 1,000 syllable directions, that number doesn't include diacritical marks, combing even more different uses.

My final, or one of my final, reg. function using misc. symbols, is the curly loop function:


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