I currently think that we are beginning to run out of a precious resource in math: Miscellaneous symbols.

My current solution is to use Yi syllables, a form of Unicode which is almost never being used, and if using the archaic scriptures, almost never used. So tell me any other ideas for symbols usable as functions relative to certain function.

However, this does not mean that we have run out.

Also, a new function I have created, partially to prove the point, but also as a very fast growing function is the curly loop bracket function: {[1]}(x)=...

This function is of importance to variable tetration. I now introduce the "variable"-ation base.

It will also be important to know that the function has three different function brackets, parentheses, the square bracket and the curled bracket. These mean different things. The parentheses mean regular parenthetical (yes, that is the correct term) usage, as in x^2, x^x, etc. The [] mean the usage of x-ation, and the usage of the curled bracket is the generalized # of uses per curled brackets. You'll understand if you follow this.

In this formula: {[2]}(x)=

x{ 2x[x squared[x tetrated 2[x pentated 2[... xtimes]{ x y-ated[ x (y+1)-ated...  the last curled bracket # of times...[ x z-ated...xtimes (a total of x {} brackets) [x α-ated]

I did this on a piece of paper. I added the photo to best explain the system:


See Yi Syllable Function for explanation

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