Yeah, I was the dumbass on the wiki, and this dumbass has returned. I'd like to give a sincere apology to my horrendous excuses for googologisms in the past, I was only 11/12, and I didn't know much about mathematics, and didn't give any real time to read or understand the concepts of BEAF, Up-Arrow Notation, etc. I don't think I'll be able to comprehend such complex things on this wiki, like ordinals. Maybe there's some introduction to this kind of thing that can teach me a little better?

Another note; I've actually returned because, let's be honest, large numbers are fun. Very fun. And I wanted to experience this "fun" again. I might start re-expanding my Copy notation, maybe tinkering it a little to give a more formal/understandable definition. It was one of my only somewhat decent form of notation/function, and I think I'll be able to get somewhere with it.

Last note, I promise; Another "fun" thing is naming numbers, oh how I love naming numbers.

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