aka Matěj Sál

  • I live in Andromeda Galaxy (nah. I live in Prague, Czech Republic)
  • I was born on October 9
  • I am the 22nd gender
  • Unknown95387

    I need help

    October 7, 2017 by Unknown95387


    Can I ask someone how did you added mathjax to this wiki ? Because I tried to use templates, but it doesn't work.

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  • Unknown95387


    I was working on the new system of naming numbers. But which numbers? There are numbers like googolplex, googolduplex, googoltriplex and so on, but they've another name. It's:

    Googolplex Googolplexian (2) Googolplexianite (3) Googolplexianiteron (4)

    And there's the end. There isn't name like that for googolquinplex. And that's the reason, why I wrote \(this\) to my page:

    Googolplexianiteronia (5) Googolplexianiteroniatr (6) Googolplexianiteroniatryat (7) Googolplexianiteroniatryatrien (8) Googolplexianiteroniatryatrienietta (9) Googolplexianiteroniatryatrieniettanietr (10)

    And now. The longest name for the number that you've ever seen It's name for googolcentiplex, which is a name for number with 100 "plexes". It has 314 letters, and …

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  • Unknown95387

    Just read

    September 6, 2017 by Unknown95387

    Yesterday, I started my \(biggest\) project that I've ever had. I call this project "Česká googologie" (or "Czech googology"). I created GWiki with another language. I started this project because... I wanted to. I just wanted to tell some informations about big numbers, but in other language. It would be easier to read those articles for \(them\), and easier to write them, also for \(them\) and for \(me\). I just wanted to tell you something about it.

    Also I joined to GWiki Discord server.

    on the Czech GWiki are only 5 pages lol

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  • Unknown95387

    New language for GWiki

    September 4, 2017 by Unknown95387

    I decided to "create" new page with another language for GWiki. But... I need to ask a question. Would it be possible (Yes, I'm talking to \(you\), Cloudy176)? I just need authorization, if I would be able to do that. Op. I almost forgot. I want to create cs.googology ( \(Czech\) ). I just don't want to make mess, so I'll better ask before I'll do that.

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  • Unknown95387

    \(It's^{not^{help^{for^{now}}}}\) I have an idea for new naming system, but I'm kinda sure you will say no, but anyways... Like I said. I have an idea for new naming system. It would be the system for numbers that are \(10^{-1}\) (Guys I love \(TeX\)). 2 days ago I created new section for those numbers on the page List of powers of 10, but there are only 10 numbers, so I decided to make the brand new naming system. And it works like this:

    It's something like Sbiis Saibian's -minutia suffix for numbers, but THERE IS NO "0.0002" or "0.0000083" or something else. The suffix is -minex, -nex or just -ex. I claimed it for the number named googolminex. The \(magic\) behind it is just replacing the -illion (Nah you just replace that -llion) suffix …

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