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    Remember my UNAN calculator?

    Well, another user (who made a calculator for xE# and letter notation up to H) and I have combined ours into one single calculator that can handle both notations. (It doesn't handle combined expressions where one notation is used as an argument for another yet, though.)

    This calculator can be found here:

    This is also an open project - if anyone else wants to make a calculator for a different notation, they just have to be invited to this project. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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    I've been working on a calculator to evaluate my array notation UNAN. Here is the link:

    It only handles one entry arrays (FGH \(\omega\)) as of now, but I plan to code more later.

    How it works is: In the first box, you type in the UNAN expression. in the second box, you type in a number. The "one step" utton simply does one step of applying the rules on the array, while the "calculate" button will do however many steps you typed in the second box. (This is done to prevent overflowing. NOte that typing in suitably large numbers for number of steps may cause your browser to freez, we apologize for the inconvenience.)

    This is a cool thing, and I wonder if anyone else has tried something lik…

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    Someone Ban This Guy

    October 12, 2017 by Username5243

    We have a vandal problem. A huge vandal problem.

    So this anonymous user shows up and starts inserting HUGE amounts of profane content in various pages including one of my subpages.

    And the worst thing is, this vandal is more persistent than most - he seems to be reverting some edits that reverted his vandalisms.

    Someone please ban him, it's getting REALLY annoying.

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    About this guy

    June 7, 2017 by Username5243

    Recently, nearly every day, some guy creates many unsourced pages. Some of the numbers he creates pages about actually exist (and are usually fixed to add sources, which the person doesn't add), while some are not defined anywhere and are deleted.

    My feelings about him are mixed - on one hand he is creating pages for numbers that have red linke pointing to them for some time, on the others he doesn't seem to understnad the rules. And he doesn't seem to be going away - every time he gets blocked, he shows up under a new name a day or two later. I have tried to tell him how to add sources on at least two occasions a while ago, but both times he ignored me (or at least didn't respond on that talk page).

    So, I think we need to do something about…

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    This is my attempt to define UNAN for non-integer values of the base and iterator. (I'm not going to try with numbers inside the brackets.)

    I was partly inspired by PsiCubed's letter notation, which some of the definitions I used are based on.

    note: a[#]b is always increasing only for a > 2. For a e1/e. For smaller values of a, the tetration is generally known to either converge or alternate between 0 and 1. I haven't looked into what happens for pentation and higher, but I'm fairly sure for a > 1 it will still be an increasing function, just converging to one number.

    Two-entry arrays with the first entry in the brackets > 0 expand similar to the last rule above. Now, we just need to handle cases of type a[0,n]b.

    • a[0,n+1]b = a[1,n]ab for 0 < b …

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