These numbers are variants of the faxul, defined with variants of the factorial. Three are already named, the factorial is faxul, the double factorial is minor faxul, and the primorial is primofaxul.

  • Compositaxul: This is 200 "compositorial". The compositorial is the product of the compositenumbers from 1 to n, or n! divided by n primorial. So this is faxul/primofaxul.
  • Squitaxul: This is 200 squitorial. The squitorial is made by Aarex, and is defined to be the product of the first n squares. So this is 1*4*9*...*40000.
  • Hypaxul: This is 200 hyperfactorial or 1^1*2^2*3^3*...*200^200.
  • Lower Superfaxul: This is 200 superfactorial with the weaker definition. It is the product of the first 200 factorials.
  • Higher Superfaxul: This is 200 superfactorial with the stronger definition. It is 200!^^200!

One can make more variants by adding kilo, mega, etc to the name before faxul. So squikilofaxul is squitaxul squitorial.

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