I have a Google site. I actually started it a while ago, but I wan't really updating that much. Now I will continue more. Here it is:

I hope you enjoy. I'm new to using Google sites, so if something isn't right let me know.

This also means that most of my number lists will be moved over there, although I may still occasionally put some here.

I will use this post to put some updates to the site. So far, the first part of UNAN (extensions 0-2 minus the last part of the explanation on e2), the first part of UNAN vs AAN, and the googol regiment on UNAN number names are there. Updates include:

  • 8-8: Added extension 3 (planar arrays). Also plan on adding some of my number-name lists and continuing UNAN vs AAN.
  • 8-17: Finally finished Doogol Regiment of UNAN numbers! Also added Extension 4 page. Further work to continue on analysis, vs AAN, and my lists of numbers.
  • 8-22: Working on analyzing PAN. Pages for extensions 5-6 have been made but haven't been finished with definition. ExE numbers page made.
  • 8-23: PAN analysis finished. 4-entry part on UNAN vs AAN done. Goosol regiment of SAN numbers copied over.
  • 8-24: Ttoogol regiment started.

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