I was seeing badges on some other wikis and just thought of some potential ideas here to make things more interesting.

On other wikis, there are some badge lists for making x amount of edits on pages in a specific category. So, I was thinking we could do it for the numbers / notations category, and even more specific, like making x edits on 'Numbers by Sbiis Saibian" or "NUmbers by Jonathan Bowers" or whatever badge sets.

I think adding a few of these badge tracks would make people work harder to make pages. To be honest, I have gained at least one of most of the main badges, and now most of mine are just periodically passing another 500 on edits or 250 on categories. But everyone else can earn these too. However, I don't think they will retroactively count, so everyone will start at 0 for these badges.

What do you think of this idea? Should we do it? Or do we not care much about it?

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