#define R return
#define W ;while(
#define X(a,b) (L>>((b)*N+(a))*n)%N
#define C ){
int L,n,N;main(C R Q(Q(Q(99)));}Q(a C n=2 W P(++n)<a);R n;}P(C int i;N=i=1<<
n;L=0 W--i)L=L*N+i%N W V())L+=1<<N*n;i=0 W X(0,++i)-1);R i;}V(C int i,j,k;i=
N W i--C j=N W j--C k=N W k--C if(X(i,X(j,k))-X(X(i,j),X(i,k)))R 1;}}}R 0;}

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