In keeping with Robert Munafo's classes and superclasses, I have decided to create another magnitudal classification system (MCS). I call them number families.

  • Family 0: The kind of number you use every day (e.g. 4).
  • Family 1: Numbers reserved for hyperbole (e.g. million).
  • Family 2: Numbers reserved for statistics (e.g. 47,810).
  • Family 3: Numbers reserved for hyperbolic statistics (e.g. 99.999%).
  • Family 4: Boring numbers that nobody cares about.
  • Family 5: Numbers that non-mathematicians make up when trying to make a really big number (e.g. milion 2 the power of infinty googol times!!!!111). Usually very poor salad numbers.
  • Family 6: Numbers that mathematicians make up when screwing around (e.g. xkcd number). Usually more sophisticated salad numbers.
  • Family 7: Numbers that googologists use to impress uninterested non-googologists:
    • "Hey, you know what a gongulus is?"
      • "Um, no. What is it?"
    • "It's a really big number. You see, you start with a 100-dimensional hypercube with side length 10 that's full of tens, and you solve it with—oh, wait, I haven't explained that. Well, you have addition, and then multiplication, and..."
      • [slowly backs away]
    • Fun fact: Statistics show that only six out of ten googologists are fun at parties.
  • Family 8: Numbers that can only be understood by googologists and stoners (e.g. meameamealokkapoowa oompa).
  • Family 9: Numbers that can only be understood by stoned googologists (e.g. Rayo's number).