This blog post is about the FGH of the 3 fastest-growing array notations: BAN, HAN and Dollar's Function.

I use 'I' , the inaccessible cardinal for higher FGH.

Hyperfactorial Array Notation


Limit of subscript arrays: [1|2]: \(\vartheta(\Omega_\Omega)\)

[1|3] : \(\vartheta(\Omega_{\Omega*2})\)

[1|4] : \(\vartheta(\Omega_{\Omega*3})\)

[1|k] : \(\vartheta(\Omega_{\Omega*(k-1)})\)

[1|[1]] : \(\vartheta(\Omega_{\Omega*\omega})\)

Aarex's Hyperfactorial Array Notation

\([_{1,2}]\) : \(\vartheta(\Omega_\Omega)\)

\([_{1,3}]\) : \(\vartheta(\Omega_{\Omega*2})\)

\([_{1,k}]\) : \(\vartheta(\Omega_{\Omega*k-1})\)

\([_{1,1,2}]\) : \(\vartheta(\Omega_{\Omega^2})\)

Arrays work similiar to normal arrays. limit of aarex's first idea is \(\psi_I(0)\)

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