There are 8 prefixes for the proto-hyperion mark:

grand/gratuitous, great/greedy, gigantic/grinning, gorged/golem, gulp/grueling, gasp and ginormous.

There are also 8 suffixes for the double hyperion mark:

golden, -thra , -telsa, -peta, -hexa, -hepta, -octa

And for multiple hyperion marks:

tristo-, teristo-, pesto-, existo-, episto- and ogisto-

It turns out that there are \(8^8 = 16777216\) numbers to name! first, we can put the prefixes on godgahlah, for example:


next is tristo-yotti-ecti-teristo-peti-pesto-teri-tristo-thrinorgolthratrigahlah.

there are 9 prefixes for -gahlah, then we get godgoldgahlah.

There are 8 new prefixes giving \(8*9*16777216 = 1207959552\) numbers to name.

then we get deutero- , trio- , etc. there are 11 of them so there are \(1207959552*11 = 13287555072\) numbers to name less than gridgahlah using Saibian's system.

Up to #^#^#

There are 27 new prefixes \(13287555072*27 = 358763986944\) numbers to name less than godgathor using Saibian's system.

Up to #^#^#^#

There are 8 new suffixes: -deus, -truce, -quad etc.

There are 8 new prefixes: gral, thrael, terrin etc.

There are 64 new prefixes \(358763986944*64 = 22960895164416\) numbers to name less than godtothol using Saibian's system.

Up to #^^#

This is a little unclear: there are no more prefixes and the gral, thrael, terrin etc. are changing with the number of ^'s.

I think there are about 140 trillion numbers in this group. Saibian coined the following suffixes:

-plex, -dex, -threx, -tetrex, -pentex, -hex, -heptex, -octex, -suplex, -sudex, -suthrex, -sutetrex, -supentex, -suhex, -suheptex, -suoctex,

and the -gong.

Let we say a number has at most 2 of these prefixes, and a -gong option.

Then there are about 8 quadrillion numbers to name in Saibian's system. Wow! That's a lot!

And each number can have at most 2 grands giving a total of more than 24 quadrillion numbers to name in Saibian's system.

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